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Interesting new live date in may, check it out!

New live dates

A couple of new live dates for 2011 has been added!

New live dates

ASKEO, Small Dots in Vast Space and live performances of the ghost stories for children has been programmed. Have a look in the "Upcoming" tab!

Sound installation at Kulturnatta

I'm involved in Kulturnatta (Culture night) in Gothenburg 9/10. I will produce a sound installation. I'm working together with a number of artists and architects. The theme is "ice" and the theme for the whole night is "water". Check out the program here:


I've been working on the audiobook "Busiga spöken och osaliga andar" for a while now, and I'm happy to announce that these ghost stories for children will soon have it's first time live performance! The dates so far are set to 18:th and 28:th of august 2009, at Allégården in Gothenburg.


I have received a one year support grant from the Swedish Art Grants Committee to further my artistic development.

New live date!

Göteborg-Modern will premiere Concert Swedens's commissioned piece for percussion trio @ Kortedala Church, Gothenburg 23/4, 19.00


I've been asked to compose a piece for choir and a few instruments for Södertälje Missionskyrkokör's 25:th anniversary 2009. Piece will be premiered in october this year.

New live date!

The 19th of march Forslund/Rudebeck duo will perform a short but hot Winking set@the siren-festival, Gothenburg.


This Thursday I recieved a culture grant from my native city, Södertälje, it's from the Per Drougge and Gerd Kern foundation!

GEIGER-festival 2008

Make sure you come and visit the GEIGER-festival 2008!
Wonderful music and people, it will be a great party!
In Vivo will perform 11/10, 22.00, don't miss!

More details and full program at:

New performance

In Vivo will play at GEIGER festival 08 the 11th of october in Gothenburg.

New performance

In Vivo will perform two or three pieces in Majornas Missionskyrka 26/10 during the Sunday service.


I have received a grant from the Swedish Art Grants Committee for continuing my artistic development as a composer.

Content added

There are now some new pictures in the Gallery section as well as some minor updates here and there. Enjoy!

Commission from Concerts Sweden

I have got a commission from Concerts Sweden to compose a new piece for percussion trio. Planned premiere is set to the third of october 2008, Christinae Church, Gothenburg. The piece will be composed for new music ensemble Göteborg-Modern.

The 29/9 performance is cancelled!

We will find a later date for the first time performance of the organ piece Accelerated Return because the organ player Daniel Edoff is sick. Please Check back later for more info.

GAS/GEIGER festival 2007

GAS/GEIGER festival 2007 is coming closer. Have a look at the wonderful program here: and

Two more live dates!

Have a look in the live section, there´s two new live dates. One of them is with Forslund/Rudebeck/Wallentin trio and includes 40 headphones! The other one is a performance of an older piece for mixed choir a capella, Kyrie.

New live date

24/10 Forslund/Rudebeck/Wallentin trio and Forslund/Rudebeck duo will perform at Fylkingen, Stockholm. Fylkingen has quite a long and interesting story, please check their website for more info. You will find a link to Fylkingen in the "Links" section. See you in Stockholm!


Welcome to my new website. The site is still under construction but you can allready now listen to some samples of my music and have a look at a few videos. It´s also possible to contact me via e-mail. Make sure to check back soon, there will be more stuff coming up. Enjoy!