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Anders Forslund (b. 1978) started his composition studies by taking private lessions for Pär Mårtensson in Stockholm for two years. He then continued at Gotland School of Music Composition the years 2000–2002. After the years at Gotland Anders Forslund continued his composition studies at the School of Music and Drama in Gothenburg with professor Ole Lützow-Holm as his main teacher. After three years he was accepted at the Masters program at the same school and finished the studies in 2007.

Anders Forslund composes both electronic and acoustic music, as well as music for acoustic instruments combined with computer and electronics. That is also the field that he has been most interested in lately.

Anders Forslund is also active as a musician in different constellations. He often plays the computer and electronic part in his own pieces as well as in other composers pieces. He is composing and performing with the electronica duo Forslund/Rudebeck duo
, which is sometimes extended to an improvisation trio with vocalist Mariam Wallentin. He has, together with three musician friends in Gothenburg, started the chamber ensemble In Vivo that specializes in young notated contemporary music for violin, clarinet, percussion and computer and electronics.

Anders Forslund is also a member and cofounder of Acoustic Pond, wich is a media production company that focuses on producing music for commercials, film, internet, sound installations in public spaces and more.

The music of Anders Forslund has been performed in different occasions including festivals such as Nordic Music Days, GAS, MANCA, Music at Lake Siljan, siren and Ljudvågor . Also concerts in churches, clubs as well as in art galleries. Forslund's works has been performed in Sweden, Denmark, France and the U.S.

Some of the other ensembles, musicians and artists that he worked with are Gotland Wind Quintett, chamber orchestra Sonanza, string orchestra Musica Vitae, contemporary music ensemble Göteborg Modern, pianist Mårten Landström, artist and film maker Birgit Ramsauer and lighting designer Herbert Cybulska.

2005-2007 Master, musical composition, HSM, Göteborg
2002-2005 Bachelor, musical composition, HSM
2000-2002 Musical composition, Gotland School of Music Composition
1997-2000 Private lessons, musical composition, Per Mårtensson, Stockholm
1994-1997 College, music program, Täljegymnasiet, Södertälje
1991-1994 High School, music program, Mariekällskolan, Södertälje

2009 Swedish Arts Grants Committee, general work grant
2008 Per Drougge and Gerd Kerns memorial fund
2008 Swedish Arts Grants Committee, "Composers working with commissioned music"
2007 STIM (Swedish Performing Rights Society)
2007 Anders Sandrew Foundation
2006 Freemaisons, Gothenburg
2006 KMA, Gurli Springer-Nissvandt Foundation
2006 Adlerbert fund
2005 Adlerbert fund


List of works
List of works - chron.

Other texts
Here you can find two short texts I´ve written about music and my way of thinking about it. Only in Swedish at the moment.
Min musik


My studio
Computer: MacBookPro 15" IntelCore2Duo 2.6 GHz, 4 GB RAM, Leopard
Monitor: Dell 24"
Headphones: Ultrasone, HFI-650 Trackmaster
Sound card: MOTU Traveler, Mbox
Mixer: Mackie 1402-Z PRO
Speakers: 2x Genelec 8030A and 1 sub woofer, Genelec 7050B
MIDI keyboards: CASIO WK-1300, M-audio O2
MIDI mixer: Evolution UC-33
Microphones: Røde NT-2A, homemade contact microphones
Guitar pedal: BOSS Delay DD5

Music Software
Recording: Pro Tools, Live, Audio Desk
Plugins: GRM tools classic VST, Waves Gold V5, Native Instruments: Komplete 4, BIAS Sound Soap II
Notation: Finale
Printer: Samsung Monocrome MFP, Laser
Other: Max/Msp, Toast

Other equipment
iPod, 80 GB
iPhone 3G
Griffin iTalk
2,75 TB of external storage, Seagate and LaCie