Listen to samples of my music
Askeo (1:04, excerpt, solo percussion, performed live by Bruno Andersen)
Island In The Stream (1:00, excerpt, church organ, performed live by Daniel Edoff)
Music For Chamber Ensemble (1:01, from start, performed live by SONANZA)
Things Might Change (1:01, excerpt, performed live by Musica Vitae)
Small Dots in a Vast Space (percussion trio, performed live by Göteborg Modern)
I. Expanding emptiness (2:58, excerpt from first movement)
II. Streams (2:30, excerpt from start of the second movement)
Meditation#1 (0:59, excerpt, solo piano, performed live by Mårten Landström)
Meditation#2 (0:45, excerpt, church organ, performed live by Daniel Edoff)

Released (1:41, from start)
Resonance (1:01, excerpt, Forslund/Rudebeck duo)
Basic M (1:02, excerpt)
Dumburken (1:00, excerpt)
Searching F.S. (1:00, from start)

Instrument & electronics
Song#4 (1:04, from start, voice & el, Forslund/Rudebeck/Wallentin trio)
Move On (1:11, excerpt, percussion & el, perf. live by Miki Campins & A. Forslund)
Response (2:03, from start, flute & el, perf. by Jenny Samuelsson & A. Forslund)